IBL Coldstores, Knowsley

Construction of New Ambient Extension - 175mm LPCB PIR 1hr Fire rated Panels.

Heap and Partners Ltd, Birkenhead

Construction of high tolerance inspection room with 100mm FR30 LPCB PIR Panel.

Freshcut Foods, Wigan

Thermo Formed Hygienic PVC To Line New Reception.

Tenants Brewery

Construction Of New Storage Facility With Doors.

Grange Packaging

LPC 1208 Installation Of 2HR Firewall With An Octopus Lifting System.


Full Factory Construction Including FR30 Panels, Thermo Formed PVC, Refrigeration, Resin Flooring And Doors.

St Johns Hospice

Hygienic PVC Thermo Formed Installation.

Jacobs Biscuits, Liverpool

Jacob's "Orange" PVC And Vinyl Flooring.

Exton's Cheese

Construction Of New Chill With FR30 PIR Panels, New offices, New Toilets, Flooring And Doors.

Herrco Cosmetics

Multi Coloured Thermo Formed PVC Installation For Cosmetic company.

Bridgehead foods

Construction Of New Factory Including FR30 Panels, Mezanine, Doors And Refrigeration.

Meat Trak

Installation Of New FR30 Panels, Doors And Windows.

Swizzles Matlow

Scottish Sea Farms

AMF Bromborough

BAE Salmsebury Showers